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Daily schedules
Get cutting-edge clinical education live at CVC Washington D.C.
As a CVC attendee, you will have access to more than 500 hours of world-class, cutting-edge educational programming.
Technician program
Ready to take your skills to a new level? CVC offers an extensive array of topics just for technicians.
Brush up on practice management topics at CVC Washington, D.C.
All CVC attendees are welcome to attend the practice management sessions.
Sign up for a Veterinary Medicine wet lab
Sign up for Clinical Techniques Courses
With the popular Veterinary Medicine Wet Lab series, you get hands-on training from specialists in areas ranging from ultrasound procedures to ophthalmic surgery.
Vital Soft Tissue Surgeries: All About Dogs
Learn the basics or tweak your techniques for some of the most frequently needed soft tissue surgeries in your canine patients. Enroll in this Clinical Techniques Course and enhance your skills in vital soft tissue surgeries.
MMP for TTA - TTA for Canine Cruciate Damage - Sponsored by Orthomed
MMP is a "mechnaics-modifying" surgical technique for the treatment of anterior cruciate ligament failure in dogs. Animations and video support material will be used to teach the technique with emphasis on practical aspects and technical advice to optimize success.
Dental Essentials in Dogs and Cats
By now your clients are aware of the cosmetic and health benefits of optimum oral care for their pets. Help ensure that your practice provides the essential dental care and procedures that dogs and cats need.
Digital Dental Imaging
Because so many oral problems lie beneath the gum line, you need dental radiography to diagnose (and show clients) most of your patients' oral dental abnormalities. Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran, you will concentrate on mastering digital dental radiography techniques in dogs and cats. Participate in this Clinical Techniques Course and gain the information and hands-on practice needed to learn how to consistanly obtain excellent dental radiographs and benefit from the experience of using different machines.
Visit the CVC Washington, D.C. exhibit hall
Exhibit hall hours and events
The CVC Washington D.C. exhibit hall features many special events.
Pre-convention seminars at CVC Washington, D.C.
Hit your hospital's "REFRESH" button: Pathway planning for a new future Seminar
Conquer conflicts with Shawn McVey as you shows you how anger and frustrations push your buttons.
Specialty Focus Clinical Techniques Course
The CVC in Washington DC will hold an exclusive two day Specialty Focus Clinical Techniques Course.
Specialty Focus: Abdominal Ultrasonography
Ultrasonography is an integral component of providing an optimal standard of patient care. Under the guidance of imaging experts, you will receive hands-on scanning practice to hone your ultrasonographic examination skills.
CVC Washington, D.C. housing
Housing information
Reserve your room early with the official CVC housing provider and save!
Tours of Washington, D.C.
Take a tour in Washington, D.C.
Looking for fun and excitement in Washington, D.C.? Register for a special CVC tour.
Memorials by Moonlight - Your Choice of Evenings
It?s first-class treatment as you board a luxury motor coach for a moon-lit tour of the capital city. Throughout your drive, you?ll be regaled with tales of triva of the national?s capital. This tour will highlight our national heroes and soldiers. You?ll start at the National World War II Memorial then head to the Vietnam Women?s Memorial and your last stop will be at the Korean War Veterans Memorial.
Monuments by Moonlight - Your Choice of Evenings
Aboard a luxury motorcoach, a tour guide will share fascinating facts on Washington, D.C.'s illuminated monuments and landmarks.
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