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8 dogs we met at CVC Kansas City 2011

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One of the most important things veterinarians and veterinary team members need on a daily basis is their "dog fix." Thankfully at CVC Kansas City there were plenty of pooches to entertain attendees and remind them why they love their profession.

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1. Benji

Benji keeps his owner company at CVC—and makes sure no crumb goes uneaten.

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2. Hunter

Hunter used to race at the Kansas City Woodlands Greyhound track so he loved running around the CVC exhibit hall.

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3. Zacharias

Recognize this face? Zacharias modeled for the 2010 Paws at work calendar. Stay posted for the new 2012 calendar coming soon.

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4. Princess Shannon

Princess Shannon collects money in attempts to give the royal treatment to those in need.

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5. Sugar

Sugar goes to work everyday with her owner Mary Metzner (St. Louis, Mo.) and CVC Kansas City is no exception.

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6. Flesk

Flesk's bandana says it all, "Adopt me please."

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7. Little Man

"Why do I always have to wear the cone?" Little Man says.

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8. Madison

"Cat? Where?!" Madison says, sporting a Cat in the Hat collar.


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