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Take a tour in Washington, D.C.

Looking for fun in Washington, D.C.? Register for a tour or check out the National Harbor area:

Thursday, May 8
Monuments by Moonlight

Friday, May 9
Memorials by Moonlight

Saturday, May 10
Monuments by Moonlight

National Harbor
Something for everyone: you’ve heard those words before. But in the case of National Harbor, we’re proud to say they ring 100% true. With a delightfully diverse blend of more than 70 retailers and restaurants, they’ve got a retail experience for every kind of shopper. Eats? something as simple as a sandwich seems downright decadent; a bona fide sit-down meal feels like easy, breezy paradise. And best of all? It’s all perched right on the sparkling Potomac. So every time you exit a store, restaurant or even the Gaylord National, you’re entering one of the most enticing attractions: that one-of-a-kind waterfront ambiance.



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