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With the popular Veterinary Medicine Clinical Techniques Courses, you get hands-on training from specialists in areas ranging from ultrasound procedures to ophthalmic surgery. The CVC Clinical Techniques Courses are open to all CVC participants and require a separate registration fee. Register early because these courses often sell out quickly.

Registering for Clinical Techniques Course
Clinical Techniques Courses are open to all CVC attendees. They require a separate registration fee, which is listed in the description. Clinical Techniques Course participation requires at least a one-day CVC Washington, D.C. registration in addition to the course fee. All participants must sign and return a liability form. Register by March 26, 2014 to receive early bird pricing!

Not Sure What Clinical Techniques Courses To Take? Call us at 1.800.255.6864, ext. 6 and let us help you decide.

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CVC Clinical Techniques Course listings

Thursday, May 8
Essential Gastrointestinal Surgeries 
Eyelid and Corneal Repair Surgeries

Friday, May 9
Cytologic Interpretation of Solid Lesions, Tissues, and Fluids SOLD OUT
Vital Soft Tissue Surgeries: All About Dogs
Digital Dental Imaging

Saturday, May 10
Vital Soft Tissue Surgeries: All About Cats SOLD OUT
Dental Essentials in Dogs and Cats
Specialty Focus: Abdominal Ultrasonography (Day1)  
Stabilization Techniques for Luxating Patellas
Stifle Stabilization after Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture SOLD OUT

Sunday, May 11
Essential Orthopedic Surgeries in Dogs - NEW, Updated Description!
Specialty Focus: Abdominal Ultrasonography (Day 2)   
Dental Techniques for Technicians
Nerve Blocks for Dental Procedures in Dogs and Cats

Orthomed Sponsored MMP TTA Lab—Thursday, May 8
Orthomed presents the Modified Maquet Procedure (MMP) TTA for canine cruciate damage

SECUROS Sponsored TTA Lab—Friday, May 9
SECUROS presents the Advanced Stifle Repair Lectures and Lab: TTA (Tibial Tuberosity

Clinical Techniques Course registration is nontransferable. CVC reserves the right to cancel any Clinical Techniques Course by April 2, 2014. If the course is canceled by CVC, registrants will be notified and the Clinical Techniques Course paid fee will be credited or refunded. All cancellations of a Clinical Techniques Course by the registrant must be submitted in writing for a credit or refund, minus a $50 processing fee, by April 2, 2014. No requests for refunds or changes will be accepted after April 2, 2014.

Technicians: Interested in becoming a hands-on helper?
Contact the Laboratory Program Coordinator, Jennifer Vossman, at (800) 255-6864 ext. 3816 or e-mail


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