Digital Dental Imaging - CVC
Digital Dental Imaging

Conducted by Dr. Kendall Taney

Because so many oral problems lie beneath the gum line, you need dental radiography to diagnose (and show clients) most of your patients’ oral dental abnormalities. Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran, you will concentrate on mastering digital dental radiography techniques in dogs and cats. Participate in this Clinical Techniques Course and gain the information and hands-on practice needed to learn how to consistently obtain excellent dental radiographs and benefit from the experience of using different machines.

Date: Friday, May 9
Time: 1:30 – 5:30 PM
Cost: $375 if registered by March 26, 2014
Open to: Veterinarians and Technicians

Sponsored by Dental Focus, iM3, Midmark Corporation, Patterson Veterinary, and scil animal care company

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