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Behind-the-Scenes SeaWorld Tour

Welcome to the wonders of SeaWorld — the delightful marine park providing countless aquatic discoveries. On your adventure, you’ll experience the excitement of “swimming” with the sharks, encounter the penguins and puffins in icy Antarctica, reach out and touch the gentle dolphins and whales at special petting pools, and handle the inter-tidal animals in the California Tide Pools.

You’ll also be treated to a VIP behind-the-scenes tour. Here, you’ll take an exclusive look at the special whale- and dolphin-training areas, get up close and personal with the sharks and penguins, and see for yourself why SeaWorld is world-renowned as a protector of endangered marine species.Of course, your day wouldn’t be complete without watching the awesome killer whales at the famous Shamu Show. So don’t miss this unique opportunity to get an insider view of SeaWorld!

Date: Saturday, November 2
Time: Meet at 9:45 AM; return to SDCC at 4:00 PM
Cost: $156


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