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Why I loved CVC in Kansas City 2010!
We asked some attendees what they planned to do at CVC in Kansas City and what they most enjoyed. Here's what they said.

I like the good mix of small animal and food animal seminar topics at CVC in Kansas City. -Joseph Hochhalter, DVM

I came to CVC in Kansas City because I heard that compared to other conferences, everything is very convenient. Everything is right here—even lunch—and I don’t have to leave the building. -Melissa Caid, DVM

Joseph Hochhalter, DVM, Melissa Caid, DVM

I love the practice management program at CVC in Kansas City. I enjoy hearing the tried-and-true speakers such as Mark Opperman and Shawn McVey—he’s just so funny! It is also very easy to get to because my hotel is right next door to the convention center.

CVC in Kansas City offers a good bang for the buck! I also like the variety of seminar topics.

I’m here because I wanted a vacation! Also we have a veterinarian and technician here at the conference, so it was very convenient for all three of us to drive in together.

I attend CVC in Kansas City because it’s convenient and the lectures are high-quality. I am attending the dermatology, surgery, and pain management sessions.

I’ve been very impressed that CVC in Kansas City focuses on technicians much more than other conventions. I feel very special here!

I like visiting the exhibit hall at CVC in Kansas City and talking to all of the company representatives. We have them come into our practice, but it’s much better to be able to learn from them without a receptionist telling me a client is waiting!

I attend CVC in Kansas City because it allows me to get information about new products in the exhibit hall.

I’m attending the cardiology sessions at CVC in Kansas City.

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