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Why I loved CVC Kansas City 2011

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Photo of Kate Quirk with Bobbye West

"Our clinic has been going to CVC for five years now. We keep coming because we value our technicians. We value our whole team."

—Kate Quirk, practice manager
Fayetteville, Ark.
pictured left with team member Bobbye West, CVT)

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Photo of Chris Adolph, DVM

"CVC has excellent continuing education for veterinarians, practice managers, and technicians. It offers such a high-quality education. I come to CVC Kansas City with my whole staff. Plus, I love Kansas City. The hotels are a close distance to the convention center, and the city has great nightlife. CVC is very affordable because my staff and I can drive up from Oklahoma and we don't have to purchase airplane tickets."

—Chris Adolph, DVM
Broken Arrow, Okla.

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Photo of Wendy Kendall

"It's my seventh year at CVC and I really like going to the classes because of the awesome speakers. That's my favorite part! I also love the exhibit hall because I get to meet all the representatives in one place."

—Wendy Kendall, technician
Grandview, Mo.

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Photo of Emily Race

"I absolutely loved Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald's Power Hour lecture. It was refreshing to remember why we, as veterinarians, like our jobs so much. It gave me a great recharge!"

—Emily Race, DVM
Hamilton, Mont.

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Photo of Emily Race

"It's my first time at CVC Kansas City, and I love it! My favorite part has been the lectures. I wanted to come to a big conference. CVC is all in one building, so it's very convenient and I can easily go from one room to the next. It's absolutely fantastic—I'll have to send my other technician next year. I also loved hearing Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald's Power Hour lecture this morning. I showed up at 6:30 a.m. just to hear him speak. I met him in college and he's why I decided to go to veterinary technician school. I decided that if there were veterinarians out there that are just like him, then I wanted to work beside them."

—Ann Mitchell, RVT

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PHoto of Jennifer Wilson

"My favorite thing about CVC is that I'm taking a lot of knowledge back to the students that couldn't come this year."

—Jennifer Wilson, veterinary technician student
Brown Mackie College
Salina, Kan.

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Photo of Shana Frye

"The hotel, the convention center, and the restaurants are all close together. It's very convenient."

—Shana Frye, technician
Fayetteville, Ark.
(pictured far left with some of her team members)

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