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Vital Soft Tissue Surgeries: All About Dogs

Conducted by: Dr. Jennifer Wardlaw

Learn the basics or tweak your techniques for some of the most frequently needed soft tissue surgeries in your canine patients: reconstruction of large skin defects, cystotomy, scrotal urethrostomy, inguinal and diaphragmatic hernia repair, splenectomy, and anal sacculectomy. With the instruction and guidance from a veterinary surgical specialist, you’ll review each technique, then perform these procedures. Enroll in this Clinical Techniques Course and enhance your skills in these vital surgeries for dogs.

Date: Saturday, August 23
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Cost: $700
Open to: Veterinarians

Sponsored by Bleed-X, Jorgensen Laboratories, Medical Illumination International, MWI Veterinary Supply, and Patterson Veterinary.

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