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The Cooperative Practice: Low-Stress Patient Restraint and Enrichment Techniques

Conducted by Dr. Ellen Lindell

Are you still routinely scruffing and stretching cats? Do you find yourself wrestling with your patients? Why not ease the stress that your anxious, frightened, or difficult-to-handle patients feel? Discover how to make veterinary visits, examinations, procedures, and hospitalizations easier on your staff, you, and your clients, too. In this Clinical Techniques Course, you’ll learn the rationale behind low-stress handling for veterinary patients, and practice the skills you’ll need to assure safety while treating patients in a gentle manner. You will practice behavior modification techniques that can be applied in anticipation of the need for extensive handling. You’ll also explore how to provide postoperative enrichment to reduce your patients’ stress and improve client compliance. Receive direct guidance from behavior experts and then practice applying these techniques with course participant patients.

Sponsored by Patterson Veterinary.

Date : Sunday, August 24
Time : 1:30 - 5:30 PM
Cost : $425, if registered by July 9
Open to: Veterinarians and Technicians

This lab will be held offsite at the Maple Woods Community College Veterinary Technology facility.  Shuttle busses depart from the Kansas City Convention and Entertainment Center 30 minutes before the indicated start time.  Shuttles return 30 minutes after indicated end time.

Please note: Should you miss the shuttle, a cab ride to the facility (about $30 plus tip) will be at your own expense

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