Dental Essentials in Dogs and Cats - CVC

Dental Essentials in Dogs and Cats

Conducted by Dr. Sandra Manfra Marretta

By now your clients are aware of the cosmetic and health benefits of optimum oral care for their pets. Help ensure that your practice provides the essential dental care and procedures that dogs and cats need. This course begins with perfecting the basics of performing a thorough oral examination, professional dental cleaning, and periodontal therapy and progresses to cover the often required additional interventions, including administering regional nerve blocks, handling difficult tooth extractions, performing oronasal fistula repairs, and treating mandibular symphyseal separation. You will study and perform all of these dental essentials under the guidance of an expert.

Date : Saturday, August 23
Time : 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Cost : $700
Open to: Veterinarians

Sponsored by Bleed-X, Jorgensen Laboratories, scil Animal Care Company, and Patterson Veterinary.

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