Cytologic Interpretation of Solid Lesions, Tissues, and Fluids - CVC

Cytologic Interpretation of Solid Lesions, Tissues, and Fluids

Conducted by Dr. Susan Tornquist

Are you taking full advantage of one of the most useful diagnostic procedures that can be performed in your clinic? In this course, you will advance and hone your cytologic examination expertise. You will learn to identify and differentiate inflammatory and neoplastic lesions by using multiple cases that represent common diseases in cats and dogs. You will discuss and evaluate prepared slides of skin, subcutaneous tissues, and other organs and solid tissues, such as liver and lymphoid tissue, as well as peritoneal and pleural effusions. With expert instruction on a video microscope and individual guidance at your microscope, you will also learn to distinguish diagnostic from nondiagnostic smears and to identify common artifacts. At the end of this Clinical Techniques Course, you will be able to apply your new diagnostic proficiency to everyday cases in practice and continue to expand your cytopathologic diagnostic skills.

Date : Saturday, August 23
Time : 1:00 – 5:00 PM
Cost : $300
Open to : Veterinarians

Sponsored by Jorgensen Laboratories, MWI Veterinary Supply, and Patterson Veterinary.

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